Testa o Croce? XMas Gift

How many times in your life do you have to make a decision in front of a crossroad?

I know you are full of doubts, uncertainties, but when you make your choice you feel relieved.

In this case you can say, Done! but you will see in the future if your decisions could be considered not only done but Well Done.

By the way there are also some historical phrases that could help you or reinforce your decision.. e.g. the die is cast (alea iacta est by Julius Caesar)

But what happens if you are still uncertain?

The solution could be to flip a coin.

We Italytiamo were in the same situation… Mmmmh, what kind of Christmas gift could be useful this year? And if we are wrong?

So we flipped a coin.


The result was a beautiful air freshener gift for your car which can be used also to perfume your underwear or your office as well.

Car Air Freshener
Car Air freshener 2
 Underwear Air freshener

Here below some use of it.

Shoes air freshener
Sport Air freshener
Bookmark Air freshener
Laundry machine Air freshener

But if it had been the other side of the coin??

It would have been a problem!

But we have also thought about this second chance.

Here below the other side of the gift.

A fantastic luggage tag that you can use when the perfume vanishes.

So the moral is: don’t flip a coin if you are uncertain, since “all roads lead to Rome”, don’t use only one… but drive the first road and use the second one to go back.

As we did! Have a great Xmas Vacation by Italytiamo.com

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