Italians, how to recognize them at the airport

Italians, how to recognize them at the airport

Have you ever looked at passengers while waiting at an airport? All of them have a destination but part of them come from Italy. Italians are famous for being everywhere and can be easily recognized.

At the airport car park:

A whole family sitting in their car searching for the best parking space, the mother and the father sitting at the front with their seat belt fastened, their children at the back without.

If they asked a friend for a lift to the airport… stay calm if they stop their car exactly in front of the airport entrance or if they double park… it is normal! What matters to them are their hazard lights on. (quattro frecce)

Before leaving:

Expect a huge quantity of kisses. Italians are very touchy-feely, but make sure not to joke about plane crashes… Italians are very very superstitious. While we are writing this article, they are still there, dropping off their luggages and wishing a nice trip to each other.

At check in:

For the Italians the queue is a problem, something really out of their DNA. When it sees queue, the Italian brain runs very fast to find out the best way to skip the line. It is in this moment that the mother and the father start to quarrel and lose their children. The mother increases her voice and, although it might sound a Spanish accent, after a quick look at their shoes, you will say: “Yes… definitely Italians!”

Of course there is always a reason to discuss with the check in assistant: the most likely? The luggages are too heavy: Italian mothers normally pack with this idea in mind: “We never know what could happen”, (non si sa mai) so, also for a summer vacation, they are going to have an umbrella.

After passport control:

A lot of Italian mumbles… You are entering the Italians’ wonderland: the Duty-Free zone. But, before spending more money there than on the whole trip, Italians need a coffee! (Here we will make a dedicated article, stay tuned). Another detail of Italians around the world is that they don’t like dirty places. You will never see Italians on airport floors, not even those big groups of young friends traveling without their parents for the first time, who want to look self-confident after they have made that phone call with their mother asking them if they had remembered to pack this and that.

If you are sitting next to an Italian, don’t address to them unless you speak Italian. But don’t worry, they will be able to communicate with you with their hands.

Entering the plane:

If you hear a mobile phone ringing, it could be of an Italian; if after 8 rings you hear a “Pronto”, you have your confirmation! After that, you will hear all the conversation at a hight volume.

Italian businessmen behave differently, they wear a tie, an elegant suit and look good… When they are on a business trip, they will speak loud about their business and you will easily understand what they do, have to do or did. When they are on vacation… they will be part of the same family as mentioned above!

This Italian-traveler ID must be carried around the world at all times: we take pride in being Italians, “look at me, hear me, Italians are on board as well”.

Se sei italiano/a non hai bisogno della traduzione, conosci gia’ i nostri pregi e difetti. 😉 Ci vediamo in aeroporto!

(c) italytiamo

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